Powidz air base hosts U.S. airmen

From 14th October 33rd Transport Air Base in Powidz is hosting the rotational U.S. Air Force Aviation Detachment. Three Hercules C-130J from 37th transport squadron from Ramstein will station in Powidz airport for two weeks.

U.S. airmen will perform air tasks in two rounds - day and night oneS. The day round will start at 7.45 and will last till 17.00, the night round, starting at 14.45 will end at 23.30. The planned tasks include - flights in formations during daytime and at night, releasing soldiers of 6th Air-Assault Brigade and CDS (Container Delivery System) containers on Błędowska Desert. JPADS (Joint Precision Air System), using signals of satellite positioning system GPS, will be used for precise releasing of CDS containers.
Polish staff will not only attend the allies but also will participate in planning, preparation and pre- and post-flight briefings. In some of tasks of U.S. soldiers Polish aircraft Hercules C-130-E will take part.
The stay of USAF Av-Det in Powidz is a valuable lesson for our soldiers. Watching the allies is the best way to gain experience concerning independent action of a group of transport aircraft.
During two-week stay of three Hercules the Powidz base will be hosting almost 250 American soldiers.

Story and photo: Capt. Włodzimierz Baran