Polish-US talks in MOD

Modernization of Polish Armed Forces, including air defence and development of Polish "Jastrząb" (F-16) program were the main topics of talks of Minister of National Defence Tomasz Siemoniak with US delegation presided by VAdm Joseph W. Rixey, Director of Defense Security Cooperation Agency.

The meeting that was held on Thursday, January 23 in the seat of Ministry of National Defence in Warsaw was dedicated to discussing the main issues pertaining to bilateral military cooperation and the US support for the process of modernization of Polish Armed Forces.
Deputy Chief of General Staff MajGen Andrzej Fałkowski participated in the meeting. VAdm Joseph W. Rixey was accompanied among others by US Ambassador to Poland Stephen Mull and Gregory Kausner, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State.
- Our close cooperation and frequent contacts are a good sign. The last visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry in Łask confirmed close relations between Poland and the US. It is also a signal of good and close cooperation of our Air Forces. - said Minister Tomasz Siemoniak inaugurating the meeting.
During the meeting Minister Siemoniak highly assessed cooperation within modernization of Polish Armed Forces carried out so far. - F-16 fighters are a symbol of our activities. - the Minister stressed.
- Our priorities are: air defence including missile defence. We are also interested in having our own short distance missile defence capabilities. We would like to get to know the opinion of the US on what the optimal solutions are. - said the Minister.
- F-16 program is a success. We are interested in its further development. We want to develop our capabilities through among other things JASSM missiles. Thank you for taking up that matter by the US. - the Minister added.
Director of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency VAdm Joseph W. Rixey emphasised the important role and significance of close cooperation with representatives of Polish defence industry. - We want to build capabilities together by strengthening military-technical cooperation, basing on armament industry. - said VAdm Rixey.
The Admiral stressed, referring to matters connected with air defence, that the US party is interested in developing the allied, partner cooperation in this area. - We want to act closely at military level. - he added.
On January 24 the US delegation visited General Staff where working meeting was held dedicated to training, cooperation within foreign missions and aid programs. New architecture of future cooperation was also discussed.

VAdm Joseph W. Rixey, as the Director of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency - DSCA is responsible for realisation of security programs, among other things Foreign Military Sales (FMS), International Military Education and Training (IMET) and Building Partnership Capacity.

Photo: Maj. Robert Siemaszko/Public Information Department, MOD