Afghanistan: withdrawing equipment goes according to the schedule

"The process of reducing our contingent in Afghanistan and withdrawing the equipment goes without disruption". - Deputy Defence Minister Robert Kupiecki informed the deputies of the Sejm Committee of National Defence.

The Wednesday session of the Sejm National Defence Committee was dedicated to the subject of withdrawing military equipment from Afghanistan before the forthcoming term of finishing ISAF mission.

- We are carrying out our activities in close consultation with ISAF Command, with allied structures, and first of all with United States, our key partner in area of responsibility of Polish Military Contingent. - Deputy Defence Minister informed.

Robert Kupiecki added that the process is going according to settlements made at NATO summits in 2010 and 2012, that assumed that ISAF operation will finish by the end of December 2014. He also reminded that reducing the number of Polish troops in Afghanistan started in autumn 2011 and from that time our presence in Afghanistan is being systematically decreased.

- The last, important operational task of our soldiers will be participation in creating safe conditions during presidential elections that will be held at the beginning of April. - Operational Commander of Branches of Armed Forces Lt. Gen. Marek Tomaszycki informed the deputies.

From May 2014 the XV tour of PMC, that is to end our mission within ISAF will number about 500 soldiers and employees of the armed forces and about 150 soldiers in reserve in Poland. Polish Military Contingent will still have representatives at HQ in Kabul.

Operational Commander stressed that military objectives of Poland's presence in Afghanistan have been met: regular and special units of Afghan National Army trained by Polish soldiers are prepared the best and they are valued the highest by the allies.