NATO Military Police experts in Bydgoszcz

On 5-6 February 2014 the 1st session of Steering Committee of NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence NATO (NATO MP COE) was held in Bydgoszcz.

- NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence in Bydgoszcz is a proof of trust for Polish Military Police in international arena. Intensive works carried out from 2011 have been practically finalized. The results of hard work and tremendous effort made through all that time finally allowed us to achieve our goal. For Military Police has fulfilled one more task, that whole Polish Armed Forces are facing: reaching interoperability. - said Military Police Commandant Maj. Gen. Mirosław Rozmus, PhD at the session of the Steering Committee.
The Steering Committee plays a key role in planning the operation of the Centre, especially within defining strategic prospects of development and supporting efforts connected with transformation of the Alliance. During the two-day debate international team, chaired by Maj. Gen. (retired) Włodzimierz Sąsiadek, worked out key decisions for functioning of that NATO unit.
In his inaugural speech Maj. Gen. Mirosław Rozmus presented tasks of NATO MP COE. - Thanks to the Centre the soldiers of Military Police will be able to use the experience of the best specialists. Here 45 officers from Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Germany, Romania and Poland will work together for NATO. - he stressed,.
The Centre is one more NATO institution functioning in Bydgoszcz. Its mission is to enhance interoperability capability of NATO Military Police units and to ensure expert support for realization of tasks of Military Police in accordance with the Alliance's Strategic Concept.
The areas of activity of NATO MP COE are:
•    Doctrine and Concept Development
•    Education and Training
•    Research and Development
•    Analysis and Lessons Learned
•    Consultation
Poland is the Framework Nation and Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Germany and Romania are the Sponsor Nations.
After gaining Accreditation from NATO Allied Command Transformation (ACT) MP COE joined the net of 21 centres of excellence functioning in Europe and the US.