Insignia of military rank

The ranks in Land Forces (green uniform) and in Air Forces steel-colour uniform are silver and in the Navy Forces the ranks are gold.

The ranks are placed on
- Headgear without the winter caps all berets in Navy Forces, berets from the Reserve filed uniforms ,berets from work uniforms, helmets and headsets.
- Epaulettes, without work uniforms
- On sleeves from jackets and blouses from dress uniforms and coats in Navy Forces.
- On the left flat of the waterproof winter jacket, pilot suit, officer and navy training blouses, navy officer sweters, on the chest.

szeregowy - Private starszy szeregowy -  Lance-Corporal
kapral - Corporal
starszy kapral - Chief Corporal
plutonowy - Master Corporal
sierżant - Seargent
starszy sierżant - Staff Seargent
młodszy chorąży - Warrant Officer 4th
chorąży - Warrant Officer 3rd
starszy chorąży - Warrant Officer 2nd
starszy chorąży sztabowy - Warrant Officer 1 st
podporucznik - 2nd Lieutenant
porucznik - 1st Lieutenant
kapitan - Captain major - Major
podpułkownik - Lieutenant Colonel
pułkownik - Colonel
generał brygady - Brigadier General
generał dywizji - Major General generał broni - Lieutenant General
generał - General

Military ranks in the Polish Navy