Military Specialits` Badges

Graduate badges of academies (schools)

Signs of honour titles

Distinctions accompanying titles of honor granted to soldiers

"Excellent Soldier" and "Excellent Seaman" badges are granted to privates, seamen and NCOs in compulsory and extra-time military service for achieving outstanding instruction results.

"Excellent Cadet" title badge is granted to cadets while "Excellent Junior WO" to junior WO's from military academies and officer colleges for excellent study results and outstanding performance in carrying out their duties.

"Excellent Commander" and " "Excellent Subunit Commander" badges are granted to outstanding commanders and sub-units commanders.

The "Distinguished Military Pilot" title is granted to outstanding military pilots for unique contribution to the development of aviation, military readiness and airforce cadre instruction. It is also granted for heroism displayed during operation.


Honour and memorial badges of sub-units and units enable soldiers, cadre and veterans to identify with Army unit, where they serve or had served.

While looking back to the brave traditions of the Polish Army, today's badges contain many new elements. The cross and the eagle have been preserved as the most frequent, but new elements appear, characterizing the army force type (e.g., anchor for the navy, red and white checkerboard for air forces, Hussar wings for land forces).

New elements are dates of restructuring or creation of the unit or historic dates related to the unit's individual traditions.Items of arms often appear on badges, reflecting the present state of technology.

Below, we present selected badges of army units (also those which are not exist now).

The Land Forces (part 1)

The Land Forces (part 2)

The Air Forces (part 1)

The Air Forces (part 2)

The Navy


"The Polish Army" medal is titled on foreign citizens, as well as on Poles, living abroad, who particularly merited in case of cooperation of the Polish Army with other countries Armed Forces.

"The Armed Forces Serving to the Homeland" medal is titled on professional soldiers as well as on civil employees in the Army, who faultlessly served in the Armed Forces or served no less than 25, 15 or 5 years respectively.

"Merits for Country Defence" medal is titled on persons, who strongly contributed to development and consolidation of national defence system with their work or social organization activities.

Each medal has three classes: gold, silver and brown.