Press service within the Ministry of Defence has been established with the aim of fulfilling the civil rule of democratic armed forces control, which requires, among others, providing society with reliable information concerning the army and defence by both, the Ministry of Defence and other national organizations. Another important task results from the above rule – popularization of knowledge concerning defence in order to create society’s defence awareness under political and strategic circumstances changed after 1989.
Creation of press service was based on standards, which have been functioning in NATO countries for many years. The main principle concerns the obligation to inform society in comprehensive, reliable and fast way about all events and processes taking place in the armed forces and its environment. This activity is a pillar of creation of trust between the army and society: by the means of mass media the society is able to have a look in the armed forces from the inside, is informed about the way of spending public money, while the armed forces can count on understanding of the defence needs.
Detailed organizational solutions, as well as directions of the press service activity within the ministry have been adjusted to the financial situation and the specific character of Polish needs concerning public defence information. Nevertheless the main principle, obligatory in armed forces of all democratic nations, has been kept, saying that the minister of national defence creates the informational policy of the Ministry of Defence.
Within the ministry’s press services there are:
- Public Information Department of the MoD;
- permanent press spokesmen for: the Chief of the General Staff, commanders of the military services, military districts and corps;
- press officers for: commanders of the operational and tactical units, commanders (commandants, chiefs, directors) of the independent military units (centers, staffs, commands), military universities and Polish military contingents;
- press assistants within the departments and organizations of the Ministry of Defence;
- editorial staff of the military mass media.