Poland - EU


Common Security and Defence Policy (until December 2009 - European Security and Defence Policy) is the second next to NATO membership pillar of Poland’s security policy.

For Poland as a NATO and the EU member it is important that activities of both organisations supplement each other and do not cause unnecessary duplicating of activities. That is why we strongly support close relations between those two institutions as well as widening co-operation between them.

Poland had been engaged in ESDP before it became a member of the EU. Poland participated in creating “European Security Strategy” as well as in works on the project of the “Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe” within security policy.

Joining the EU in 2004 made our engagement in ESDP more dynamic. Our activities within ESDP concentrate on projects connected with the “Headline Goal 2010” that assumes increasing the EU capabilities within crisis management, among other things by European Defence Agency and by creating Battlegroups.

Since 2004 we have been participating in works of European Defence Agency (EDA) which co-ordinates the development of capabilities of member states. In July 2006 Poland joined the “Intergovernmental Regime to Encourage Competition in the European Defence Equipment Market” of the Agency. We are also one of the biggest participant of the first research program of the EDA “Defence Research and Technology Joint Investment Programme on Force Protection”. In January 2008 Mr Adam Sowa became a Deputy Chief Executive of the EDA.

Poland is actively involved in creating Battlegroups which enable the EU rapid reaction in crisis situation. In the first half of 2010 Poland has a framing role for such unit, built together with Germany, Slovakia, Lithuania and Latvia. At the moment works are also carried out on buidling a unit together with France and Germany. It is to start functioning in 2013. Creating a unit together with Visegrad Group states is also planned. Its activity will start not earlier than in 2015.

In our judgement the EU activities are important for increasing international security. That is why Poland has participated in three out of four EU military operations so far. Moreover, before Poland joined the EU, in 2003, 17 Polish soldiers participated in “Concordia” operation in Macedonia. Poland is still present in Bosnia and Herzegovina within “Althea” operation (170 people) which in December 2004 replaced NATO activity in this country. In 2006 130 Polish military policemen participated in operation EUFOR RD Congo in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was the fourth biggest contingent of that mission.