On the basis of an amendment to the law on common national defence duty, on 1 January 2010 Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Poland started creating National Reserve Forces. On 1 July 2010 recruitment to National Reserve Forces started.

National Reserve Forces will consist of volunteers: reserve soldiers who have served as conscripts and former professional soldiers - that is people who have military training. It is also planned to conduct training for candidates who were not conscripted into the armed forces because they were students or who were already not comprised by this duty.

National Reserve Forces will be maintained for the needs of crisis situations, they will be supporting military units. That means they will not become a separate formation - new organizational and tactical units will not be created. The volunteers will be assigned to already existing units on the basis of contract, signed by the MoND, lasting 2 to 6 years. Properly trained reserve soldiers-volunteers will be given the crisis situation assignment, which will mean joining National Reserve Forces and will be connected with obligation to fulfill a particular military function in active military service or being at disposal in case a need occurs.

Volunteers who apply for joining the National Reserve Forces will be obliged to participate in trainings organized by the armed forces. During training they will receive soldier's pay and their employers will get compensation for the losses. After signing the contract they will still work where they have already been employed, they will be called for the army duty only when they are needed.

Reserve personnel who have been issued a crisis posting constitute National Reserve Forces.

Reserve personnel who report voluntarily to perform duties as part of the National Reserve Forces and who fulfill conditions to sign a contract are sent by the Military Draft Office to the commander of the unit to which they have received a crisis posting. The signing of a contract may also depend on reserve personnel possessing a medical certificate confirming that they are fit for military service abroad and a security certificate. The unit commander of Military Draft Office, before signing a contract, may apply for a security certificate to be issued by the appropriate body. A contract shall expire in the event that a crisis posting is invalidated or expires, and also in the event of a written resignation from a contract from a reserve soldier made before the day on which a decision to issue a crisis posting becomes final or a crisis posting is not accepted within a set time.

Reserve personnel can at any time withdraw a request to sign an agreement, not later, however, than up to the time it is signed. A refusal to have a medical or psychological test, not appearing at the specified time at a military medical board, military psychological clinic or at a military unit, as well as refusing to sign a contract is treated the same as the withdrawal of an application.